Into The Unknown Collaboration is a group of artists, dancers and musicians brought together during Nicole Cataldo-Davies’s artist residency with the Műhely Alapítvány (Workshop Foundation) at Trafó.  Trafó, a thriving home to the contemporary art scene in Budapest, Hungary (http://www.trafo.hu) is home to the Workshop Foundation which actively supports independent international artists to facilitate the development of the contemporary dance and art scene in Hungary.

Nicole Cataldo Davies’s research delves into the question ‘What are the sculptural aspects of performance and the performative aspects of sculpture?’ Helped by artists Tamas Melkovics, Mate Retkes, Lilla Gergely-Farnos and Dancer Ida Szucs this question is explored by bringing the process of material into performance and looks at how the body can be objectified as an art material itself. With the various practises the combining of light, movement, sound and fabric has seen this research evolve from the accidents and coincidences that have brought forth new discoveries. By balancing the different practises and ideas through improvisation, the unexpected occurs; where sculptors become performers and performers sculpture.

Costumes by Oliver Cronk and research music by Lee Riley and Jacob De Berker


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