Mate Retkes

Retkes Mate was born in 1984 in Tiszakécske, Hungary.

He  graduated from the sculpture and statuary department in Tömörkény István Secondary School for Arts and Crafts (Szeged) in 2005.

and  defended his sculptor’s diploma (postgraduate)in the sculptor department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2012.

His study was under the masters  Bánvölgyi László, Fritz Mihály, Kalmár Márton, Kis Jenő. My current master is Farkas Ádám in Szeged.

Mate’s practice  researches the possibilities of reconciliation of the phisical and metaphisical shape of things, his objects (which are perhaps maybe more sculptures) are the outcome of his experiments and have lead to works that take form in movement and sound.

Currently living and working in Budapest, Hungary his work can be found at


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